SuperContest: Team Gamenight has best week yet

SuperContest: Team Gamenight has best week yet article feature image

Las Vegas – When you are in this handicapping contest, you spend a lot time thinking about your picks before, during and after they go off. We only pick five games each week, but there are so many NFL storylines to follow that can impact your selections. You have to be plugged in to the league every day.

Why do we do this? Well, every player is chasing this really cool feeling when your learn you scored a perfect card for that week. When it happens, you feel like all your studying was worth it. When you are wrong, you are left wondering what the heck happened.

For the four teams associated with the Sports Action Network, Team Gamenight was the only one yet to experience an undefeated week after the first two months of the contest. Team Bet The Process went 5-0 in Week 4. The following week, Team Sports Action got to see a 0 in the loss column, and then in Week 6, Team Beatrix Potter got to experience perfection.

Gamenight didn’t go 5-0 this week, but I did have my best showing yet by going 4-0-1. I didn’t take an L, so in my book, I felt the joy of undefeated week and got to strut around with my chest puffed out until we get the Week 10 lines tomorrow.


I really needed the 4.5 points because I’m now back to being in the top half of the field with 22.5 points overall. Staying there is one of my goals for my first run at the contest. My other goal of correctly picking more games than I lose is also back on track, as I’ve returned to .500 with a record of 21-21-3.

After going 3-7 the previous two weeks, winning four games outright and notching a miracle push when the Dolphins scored a late touchdown on Monday Night Football against Oakland put me back in the game.


It wasn’t a great week for the other teams, unfortunately.

Team Sports Action recorded a 2-3 week by taking the Rams (-3.5) and the Colts (+13) but missing on the Broncos, Bengals and 49ers. Sports Action now has 21 points, 1.5 points behind Gamenight for the second-best point total from one of our teams.

Our points leader continues to be Team Bet The Process, with 25. Overall, Bet is tied for 350th place and is still creeping up toward the money. However, Week 9 was one of their worst weeks, as they went 1-3-1. Only their pick of Dallas (+1) beating the Chiefs scored an outright win in Week 9.

Team Beatrix Kiddo would also like to move on from this past week. After going 1-4, Kiddo now has 21 points and is tied with Sports Action for our third-best point total in the contest.

Looking ahead this week, there are some really interesting games like the Chargers at the Jags, the Patriots at the Broncos,and the Vikings at the Redskins. Follow me on Twitter for when the lines come out tomorrow for Week 10 in the SuperContest and more SuperContest info, plus the* Fade Or Follow* podcast!

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