Yesterday, news hit the Twittersphere that Tom Brady’s throwing hand was a bit dinged up.

Not something you want to see as a Pats fan, but definitely something you want to see if you’re a Pats hater, Jags fan, or Jags bettor.

Today, he was spotted back at practice with…a glove! This has sparked some lively conversations and comical memes on sites across the media industry, as well as some investigative journalism by Twitter folks.

So how have bettors reacted to the news? Is this all hype or should Patriots fans actually be concerned?

Yesterday, the Patriots were at -9 across the majority of the betting market. However, since the news broke, they’ve dropped to -8 … then -7.5 … then -7 at two of the sharper offshore books.

Though the Jags are getting just 40% of bets, we’ve seen their percent of dollars slowly tick up over the past 24 hours to 43%.

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Photo via Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

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