Wild Week 1 of the SuperContest

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LAS VEGAS – As we discussed during the first episode of the Fade or Follow podcast, the SuperContest consensus picks can often spell doom for the players who find their selections listed amoung the top picks that week.

For me, in week one, I had three of my picks listed with the 10 most popular selections, and that wasn’t good news. Team GameNight went 1-2 (1-3-1 overall) in those picks, which amazingly wasn’t too bad considering the top six picks ALL LOST and the top 10 went 2-7-1. It was a bloodbath for "Joe Public," and a lot teams were left shaking their heads.

Here’s the record for the SuperContest consensus picks (thanks to www.fantasysupercontest.com) in week one. As you will see, many got off to rocky start. For this week, if you faded the top 14 picks of the contest, you would have gone 9-4-1 ATS! That’s something to keep in mind for next week.


For our 3 Sports Action teams, week one in the SuperContest was a mixed bag.

Congrats goes to Team Beatrix Kiddo and Stuckey2 for their 3-1-1 start to the contest. Scoring 3.5 points in week one has them in top 255 of the over 2,700 teams chasing the $1.3 million this year.

Team Beatrix Kiddo hit on the Bears covering against the Falcons, the Jaguars’ crushing of Houston while getting five points, and the Eagles’ big win as one-point favorites on the road at Washington.

Their only loss was taking the Titans to protect their home field against the Raiders, which they failed to do. In their fifth game, like a lot of us, they got a push by taking the Chargers +3 at Denver on Monday Night Football.

Where Beatrix rocked, Team GameNight got rolled. I was on the other side of the Falcons game and got burned by the hook (the line was -6.5), and I was on the losing end of the Redskins game. Finally, I went with the Texans instead of the Jags, which was a big mistake considering Houston forgot how to block. How the hell do you give up 10 sacks at home to Jacksonville?

Both of us pushed on the Chargers pick, but I got my only outright win with the Cowboys beating up on the Giants. Amazingly, picking Dallas was a contrarian pick to the contest field, as they were on New York +4. I’m tied for 1667th place after five picks, and I clearly have a lot of work to do.


Team Sports Action also went 1-3-1, but Team Bet The Process opened with a 2-2-1, which actually puts them in the top 700 after the first week.

Sports Action hit on Dallas (like I did) but lost on the Colts +4, Atlanta -6.5 (damn half point!) and Indy giving up 40-plus to the Rams on the road. The Chargers’ push scored them their half point.

For Bet The Process, the Bears and Jags scored and the Chargers pushed for their 2.5 points. On the other side, the Jets at +8.5 failed to cover against Buffalo (again, that damn half point!) and the 49ers +5.5 fell apart at home against Carolina.

This competition is a marathon, not a sprint. We’ve got 16 weeks to go and another 80 picks to make before someone is crowned the 2017 SuperContest Champion. We have to pace ourselves – and we can’t get too high or too low after each week and stay in the moment. (Like my coach speak?)

Take your shot in week two, and let’s see where it lands.


Look for our picks and Episode 2 of the Fade or Follow Podcast this week!

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