Should You Start Lamar Jackson in Fantasy vs. the Raiders?

Nov 20, 2018 10:25 AM EST

Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports. Pictured: Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson (8).

  • Rookie QB Lamar Jackson got a win in his first NFL start with a record performance on the ground.
  • Here's how the Baltimore Ravens can exploit the Oakland Raiders in Week 12.

I’ll be leveraging my experience as a high school football coach and fantasy analyst with a statistics background to identify aspects of one matchup every week that you can take advantage of while setting your fantasy football lineups and/or placing bets on the upcoming slate.

This week we are focusing on how Lamar Jackson will impact the Baltimore Ravens offense when it faces the Oakland Raiders.

A Unique Prospect

Coming out of Louisville, Jackson was one of the most unique quarterback prospects we’ve ever seen. He entered the draft as a dynamic athlete, comparable to elite talents like Michael Vick with a much more developed resume.

Jackson is a Heisman Trophy winner with 38 college games under his belt. In his final two college seasons, he averaged 18.9 rush attempts per game, along with 32.3 pass attempts.

Jackson was straight out of a video game at Louisville, responsible for 50 rushing touchdowns in his career, and averaging more than six yards per carry.

Jackson’s rushing ability made him stand out from the other four first-round. Even as a subpar passer (his career completion rate in college was just 57%), it’s possible he turns in a productive NFL career.

Should he become an average-or-better passer, he could be one of the most dynamic players ever to play the position.

Offensive Impact

Jackson’s presence has tremendous impact on the Baltimore offense. In his first career start, Jackson ran the ball 27 times — the most ever for a quarterback since 1960.



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