Stuckey’s Week 2 NFL Teaser Betting Guide: Plenty of Opportunities on the Board

Stuckey’s Week 2 NFL Teaser Betting Guide: Plenty of Opportunities on the Board article feature image

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  • Week 2 of the NFL season has many potential appealing teaser options for bettors.
  • Stuckey reviews his teaser rules of thumbs and shares his favorite teaser options for Week 2.

With NFL Week 2 approaching, you know what time it is: teaser time! One of my favorite bets to make on most weeks in the NFL is a teaser, assuming I at least like two games that fit my criteria.

As a reminder, I have five rules of thumb to keep in mind before ever betting a teaser in the NFL, which should really be the only sport where you consider teasers as a serious investment.

  • Cross At Least Two Key Numbers
  • Don’t Ever Cross Zero
  • Don’t Tease Totals
  • Price Matters
  • Know Your Book

Remember, these only apply to two-team teasers. If you’re a recreational bettor just looking for entertainment value and want to throw in a sweetheart teaser to liven up your Sunday for a few dollars, I’m not here to judge. But stick to two-teamers if you want to take this seriously.

Crossing two key numbers is the bare minimum. However, I almost exclusively will only bet a teaser if both sides cross at least three key numbers (3, 4 and 6 for example). And ideally, I’m crossing both the 3 and 7 to include four key numbers, which gives me an edge over books in a vacuum.

There are also other factors bettors should consider before finalizing a teaser — such as teasers have more value in games with lower totals (read why in this article).

Let’s take a look at the best teaser options for Week 2.

My Week 2 Top Teaser Options

This is an outstanding teaser week in the NFL, as you can tease a side through the 3 and 7 in over half the games on the slate. Here is how I’d rank this week’s top 10 teaser options that cross at least three key numbers:

  • Saints +8
  • Giants +8
  • Lions +7.5
  • Browns -0.5
  • Vikings +8.5
  • Broncos +8.5
  • Texans -2.5
  • Falcons +8
  • Chiefs -1.5
  • Colts +9

My favorite piece to tease is an underdog that I like sitting between +1.5 and +2.5, especially if I don’t think a +3 will ever surface in the betting market. That’s why the Saints and Giants immediately jumped out at me.

I think the Bills line will stick at -2 after a slight overreaction from Week 1. I make it a PK and will gladly take the Giants at home getting over a touchdown in what will likely be a low-scoring game.

While the Saints-Rams might not be low scoring, I have an offense that can get me a meaningless late backdoor touchdown — and a solid kicker. This game should be close throughout and I’ll gladly take the +8 since I don’t think we’ll see +3 or higher.

I applied the same logic to the Lions, who I would’ve played at a field goal or better. Not only is the Chargers’ offensive line an absolute dumpster fire, especially without Russell Okung, they’re now also dealing with an abundance of key injuries.

Los Angeles will really miss star safety Derwin James in this particular matchup. Keep your eye on Lions rookie tight end T.J. Hockenson. He’s the real deal.

Detroit should keep this within a touchdown in its home opener.

I chose to pair the Lions in a teaser with the Browns after the Sam Darnold injury news broke. I’m not crossing through 7 but am doing the next best thing by crossing through 3, 4 and 6. I’m satisfied with Cleveland -0.5 in a game I make -7 after factoring in all of the potential Jets injuries.

I wouldn’t blame you for including the Vikings and/or Broncos in a teaser, as you’re crossing the 3 and 7 in two games where points should come at a premium. I just happen to like the other side in both games, so didn’t consider either.

Similar logic can be applied to the Texans and Falcons as potential options. You could also make solid cases for the Chiefs and Colts.

My Favorite Week 2 Teasers

  • Saints +8.5/Giants +8
  • Browns -0.5/Lions +7.5

YTD: 1-0

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