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Week 2 NFL Pick ‘Em Picks: The 5 Games This Pro Bettor Said He Loves

Week 2 NFL Pick ‘Em Picks: The 5 Games This Pro Bettor Said He Loves article feature image

Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images. Pictured: Dak Prescott

Undefeated! 5-0! No. 1! Right now there is no one in the world better at picking NFL games than me and Simon Hunter. We are in first place in the DraftKings Pro Football Pick ‘Em National Championship after Week 1, meaning our dream to cash $1 million is still very much alive!

As I’ve said, every week this NFL season on The Favorites podcast, Hunter, a professional bettor, will join me to chronicle his quest to win the DK title.

But, in case you missed the pod or have never heard of the pod, how about some free NFL picks and predictions!? Because I’m a giver, here are the games Simon and I loved when we spoke, as well as other games Simon plans on betting but won’t make the cut in the DraftKings contest. If you want the analysis so you can, you know, get smart, you’ll have to listen to the pod.

One caveat, lines are always moving. And he won’t lock his picks in the contest until Sunday morning. Follow “Simon Hunter” in the Action app to see where he lands before games kickoff.

The DK (Almost) Five

  • Pats +4.5 vs. Seahawks
  • Cowboys -4.5 vs Falcons
  • Cardinals -6.5 vs. Washington
  • Dolphins +5.5 vs. Bills
  • We are still debating the final pick

Best of the Rest

  • Colts -3 vs. Vikings
  • Panthers +9 vs. Bucs
  • Lions +6 vs. Packers
  • Chiefs -8.5 vs. Chargers

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