Betting Odds Suggest Nick Foles Will Leave Philly in Offseason

Betting Odds Suggest Nick Foles Will Leave Philly in Offseason article feature image

James Lang-USA TODAY Sports. Pictured: Nick Foles.

  • Nick Foles is once again leading the Philadelphia Eagles on a surprising run, making the postseason against all odds and upsetting the Bears as 6.5-point underdogs on Sunday.
  • The former Super Bowl MVP, Foles is a valuable asset that the Eagles could trade, as Carson Wentz is still the future of their franchise.
  • Oddsmakers believe there is a +600 chance he is an Eagle next season, while the price is a steep -1200 for him to don a new jersey.

Nick Foles — unsung hero, Super Bowl MVP and backup quarterback.

Though he’ starting (and still surprising everyone) again thanks to Carson Wentz’s injury, he won’t be next year when Wentz is healthy. And since good quarterbacks are such a rarity, it’d be a strange thing for the Eagles to hang on to two of them.

Even if Foles struggles this week against the Saints, he should still be in the same situation, as his recent resume highlights include:

  • Three straight wins (including a road win vs. the Rams) to make the playoffs
  • 6.5-point upset in Chicago
  • Record-tying 25 straight completions

That’s just from this season, but obviously last year’s Super Bowl run trumps it all.

Will he be back on the Eagles next season for another epic run after Wentz undoubtedly gets hurt again? Oddsmakers say no.


  • Philadelphia Eagles: +600
  • Any other team: -1200

There are a couple of scenarios regarding Foles that could play out following the season, so this isn’t a standard free agency situation.

One is a mutual option, meaning the Eagles can extend an offer for $20 million that Foles can either accept or decline. If he declines, he’d have to give the Eagles back $2 million to become a free agent.

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According to some, trading him after signing him to that option would be difficult, so the Eagles could simply allow him to hit the market without making an offer at all, which would save some money. If a trade is what they’re after, however, they could always use their franchise tag on him.

At the end of the day, it’s looking very unlikely that Foles will be back regardless of what happens with his contract. He’s just too expensive to keep on board as a backup considering Wentz will be getting a big contract soon.

At these odds, though, sportsbooks have made it pretty hard to profit on Foles leaving town, but I’d be wary of taking the risky +600 payout given the current circumstances.