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Stuckey’s NFL Teaser Tips and Favorite Divisional Round Sides to Tease

Jan 13, 2019 11:55 PM EST

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports. Pictured: New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees

  • Should you use teasers when betting the NFL? If so, when and how? We recap the five rules to follow as well as other factors to consider.
  • We'll then apply my teaser rules and guidelines to this weekend's Divisional Round games.

Contrary to popular opinion, teasers can be a very valuable tool to bettors — but really only in the NFL as long as you follow a few basic rules of thumb.

Here’s a recap of the five rule novice bettors should know (read more about all five here):

  1. Don’t ever tease across zero.
  2. Cross at least two key numbers.
  3. Don’t tease totals.
  4. Price matters.
  5. Know your book’s rules.

There are also other factors (some minor) that I consider before ever finalizing an NFL teaser:

  • Lower scoring games: Naturally, teasing a side becomes more valuable in a game that points will come at a premium.
  • Backdoorability: How will the opposing defense play late and/or how much do you trust your quarterback to drive down the field late for a touchdown?
  • Coaching: Do you have a competent coach who will understand kicking down 10 with less than two minutes to go is smarter than trying to score a touchdown in the final seconds?
  • Special teams: Do you have a special teams edge overall and, more importantly, a kicker you trust? This becomes even more important with the recent extra-point rule changes.

Let’s now apply those rules and principles to this weekend’s card and come up with what I feel is the best teaser on the board.

My Divisional Round Weekend Teaser Rankings

Since we aren’t teasing totals or crossing zero with our sides, that only leaves five potential teaser options.

In order of strength, here are my rankings for those five for a six-point teaser:



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