Patriots-Chiefs Live Betting: See How Our Experts Are Wagering on the AFC Championship

Patriots-Chiefs Live Betting: See How Our Experts Are Wagering on the AFC Championship article feature image

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports. Pictured: Bill Belichick and Andy Reid.

  • See how our NFL experts are wagering on the AFC Championship Game as the New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs duel it out with our live betting tracker.

Championship Sunday is here. And what better way to celebrate this showcase of football than some live betting?

There’s plenty of reasons to get in on the live action, especially in games of this caliber. But we’ll let Collin Wilson take it from here: “In this day and age, it’s important to have a live betting account. Some offshore sites offer live betting during commercials, while others have lines available throughout each play.

“Limits will range anywhere from a couple of dimes to $500, but when using a combination of multiple books, live betting can be a great way to get key numbers in high profile games.”

So, let’s get this party started.

Below is a live tracker of what our NFL experts are betting as the New England Patriots and the Kansas City Chiefs duel it out in Arrowhead.

*All times listed are EST

Final Score: Patriots 37, Chiefs 31


Jack Settleman [10:01 PM]: Lauren, do you know odds on OT in both games? Like separate

Lauren Joffe [10:03 PM]: No I’m a MORON and didn’t take OT in this game because WHY WOULD I?!

Jack Settleman [10:03 PM]: What were odds on Rams-Saints?

Lauren Joffe [10:03 PM]: +791

Chad Millman [10:04 PM]: Too much to ask for a Damien Williams 40 yard touchdown run so i can get him over 66.5 and the Chiefs -3?

Collin Wilson [10:04 PM]: You better believe we are parlaying an OT and DONK prop for the Super Bowl

Connor Nolte [10:05 PM]: +1000 for OT

Fourth Quarter

Patriots Lead 31-28

Jack Settleman [9:50 PM]: the over.

Ian Hartitz [9:51 PM]: I blame Freedman for jinxing the under.

Patriots Driving, Down 28-24

Michael Leboff [9:37 PM]: They couldn’t not have a Brady last-second drive

Jack Settleman [9:38 PM]: live o/u 54.5 lol

PJ Walsh [9:39 PM]: Hahaha, I was just about to type that!

Collin Wilson [9:44 PM]:  Patriots and Chiefs both offered -115 live

Julian Edelman Muffed Punt Review

PJ Walsh [9:02 PM]: Are you kidding me?

Justin Bailey [9:02 PM]: Oh my

Evan Abrams [9:02 PM]: wow

Collin Wilson [9:03 PM]: Left thumb?

Michael Leboff [9:04 PM]: This is gonna be fun

Scott T. Miller [9:04 PM]: left index finger

Collin Wilson [9:04 PM]: I need the refs to badly screw this up

PJ Walsh [9:04 PM]: Ruling on the field should stand either way

Collin Wilson [9:04 PM]: I don’t see him touch it

Conor Davidson [9:06 PM]: Are there live odds on who gets this football?

Sean Koerner [9:09 PM]: He had no reason to be near that ball. He got lucky with that call

Chad Millman [9:11 PM]: Please see Chris Raybon WTF rankings for Edelman’s drops becoming a meme/moment

Third Quarter

Chiefs Driving Down 14-0

Stuckey [8:10 PM]: Got as much as I wanted in! Took 4 texts and a phone call!
Let’s go  Scott Miller

Collin Wilson [8:10 PM]: Game ON

PJ Walsh [8:10 PM]: Can’t wait for KC to punt here

Koontz [8:10 PM]: Wow

Scott T. Miller [8:11 PM]: Game m**********g on

Collin Wilson [8:11 PM]: Total right back up to 45.5

PJ Walsh [8:12 PM]: Tag me when it’s 54.5


Sean Koerner [8:01 PM]: Mahomes 150+ passing yards 2nd half +125

Scott T. Miller [8:02 PM]: Sean Koerner you like that?

Collin Wilson [8:02 PM]: Joining you on Mahomes over 150.5 @Sean Koerner

Stuckey [8:03 PM]: I have as much on kc 2H as I did for OU and Saints 2H 🥃

Connor Nolte [8:04 PM]: One book has o/u 196.5 second half yards for Mahomes with the over at +157, under -200

Sean Koerner [8:04 PM]: Yes I do. I would set it around 159.5 for 2nd half plus you are getting +125. Going to come out firing. The Sony Michel +300 to lead the weekend in rushing yards was/is a lock

Second Quarter

Chiefs Down 14-0 Before Halftime

Collin. Wilson [7:52 PM]: Ok lets get it going KC

Collin Wilson’s live bet for the Patriots-Chiefs game.

Chad Millman [7:54 PM]: I took KC +6.5, just before the fumbled snap!

Collin Wilson [7:55 PM]: Reid gonna have to earn his salary making adjustments.

Chad Millman [7:55 PM]: Scratch that, didn’t get it in time, took it at +7.5 (-133).

PJ Walsh [7:55 PM]: 32 yards for the Chiefs. That’s incredible.

Stuckey [7:57 PM]: Who wants to slam Chiefs right now. This guy. Big bet coming.

PJ Walsh [7:58 PM]: Took Chiefs -6.5 for the 2nd half.

Evan Abrams [7:58 PM]: Chiefs +552 to win sb on 5d.

Patriots Driving Up 7-0

Chad Millman [7:44 PM]: Down to 35.5

PJ Walsh [7:44 PM]: My over 54.5 still good?

Chad Millman [7:44 PM]: And now its gone.
Gonna be an explosive second half, PJ Walsh

Collin Wilson [7:48 PM]: Here we are again, 4.5 and creeping up to 6.5

Scott T. Miller [7:48 PM]: Yup. KC is gonna be down, at worst, 14 … likely 7 or 10. get the ball to start 2H. At home. Just trying to figure out how greedy to get

Tom Brady Interception

Scott T. Miller [7:14 PM]: sooooo regretting not grabbing +6.5. Flashed during the quarter. Got greedy.

Jack Settleman [7:15 PM]: Got +200 right before the throw.

First Quarter

Patriots Lead 7-0

Collin Wilson [6:45 PM]: Already down to 54.5.

Stuckey [6:45 PM]: We have 4 evenly matched teams on Championship Sunday. Even as a Ravens fan, it’s pretty amazing.

Collin Wilson [6:54 PM]: Chiefs +2.5 -135, gonna pass. We can do better.

Scott T. Miller [6:55 PM]: yea just even money on the ML.

Scott T. Miller [7:01 PM]: chiefs +3.5 😬Total is still 56.5, which surprises me.

Scott T. Miller [7:02 PM]: will get much better the 3.5 when NE scores here.

Collin Wilson [7:02 PM]: yep ill fire if NE scores. Its gonna be a side and ML bet.

Before Kickoff

Collin Wilson [6:32 PM]: NE-KC gameplan, KC ML and +3 New England +4 and +7. Total Over 51ish to Under 63ish

StuckeyI’ll be looking for either team at +7 and/or the total at Over 48.5 or less.

I talked in my teaser piece about how I expect a close game in Arrowhead, so if either team gets off to an especially hot start, there should be value in taking the points.