Wake and Rake: Overnight Professional Action Hits Eagles-Buccaneers

Wake and Rake: Overnight Professional Action Hits Eagles-Buccaneers article feature image

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports. Pictured: Nick Foles

  • Sunday's NFL Week 2 matchup between the Philadelphia Eagles (-3) and Tampa Bay Buccaneers is attracting heavy professional action, especially over the last 12 hours.
  • The Action Network's betting tools reveal that sharps have consistently bet the same side of this matchup.

While most recreational bettors were sleeping and/or sweating late-night college football, wiseguys were focusing on today’s Week 2 NFL slate of games.

The Action Network’s Josh Appelbaum covered three games that have attracted sharp action throughout the week in his NFL Week 2 Sharp Report, but professional bettors aren’t settling on just those matchups.

After quickly reviewing our proprietary betting tools, it’s easy to determine that since 9 p.m. ET Saturday, professional money has lined up to take the same side of today’s Philadelphia Eagles-Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1 p.m. ET) matchup.

Betting Terms to Know

Steam Move: Sudden, drastic and uniform line movement across the market caused by an overload of sharp action from respected players.

Reverse Line Movement: When the betting line moves in the opposite direction of the betting percentages. It’s a top smart money indicator.

Coming off a huge upset of the New Orleans Saints as 10-point underdogs, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers opened +3 for their Week 2 matchup with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Despite the team’s Week 1 performance, recreational bettors still aren’t buying the Bucs, especially against the defending Super Bowl champs.

Seventy-two percent of tickets and 79% of dollars wagered on the spread are taking Philly, yet the line has not budged off 3 since this game opened. Instead, oddsmakers have adjusted the juice as opposed to moving off the most important number in NFL betting.

The public continues to happily lay the points with the road favorite, but sharps have consistently grabbed the Bucs, especially over the last 12 hours.

According to Sports Insights’ Bet Signals, which track and report sharp action in real-time across the sports betting market, four Reverse Line Moves and one Steam Move have been triggered on Tampa Bay this week, including a combined three signals since 9 p.m. ET Saturday.

Public bettors still aren’t ready to buy the Bucs, and that’s exactly why sharps are pouncing on the home dogs.