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Sunday Night Football Odds & Promo: Get a $500 Free Roll on the Bucs

Sunday Night Football Odds & Promo: Get a $500 Free Roll on the Bucs article feature image

Cliff Welch/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Darren Rovell — not the best sports bettor in the world, but that’s OK. It’s actually better than OK because you can profit by fading him this week at PointsBet.

Darren is doubting TB12 & Co. and is PointsBetting the Bucs team total under.

You get to PointsBet the Bucs’ Team Total ‘Over’ risk-free up to $500. (If you’re unfamiliar, PointsBetting is a new type of wagering that multiplies your winnings — or losses — by how right or wrong you are. Learn more here.)

Check out the details below:

PointsBet Sportsbook

Offer: PointsBet the Bucs’ team total ‘over’ up to $500 risk-free

  • Bet now: Click here
  • Available states: Illinois, Indiana, New Jersey
  • Who’s it for? New users only

For this specific offer, you’ll be taking the Bucs over 28 points. If you bet $20 and they score 30 points, you’d win $40 (2 points x $20). If they score 40, you’d win $240. If they score 20, you’d typically lose $160, but you’ll get your money back since this is risk-free!

All you have to do is:

  • Click this link
  • Deposit at least $20
  • PointsBet at least $20 on the Bucs team total ‘over’ as your first bet

Using a risk-free bet on a PointsBet is a smart decision, considering PointsBetting does have more risk (and reward) than a typical bet. However, since you’ll be betting risk-free, you can reap the big rewards if the Bucs put up a big number without the risk.

Start your PointsBetting career off by Fading Rovell and taking the Bucs over!


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