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Super Bowl Props to Bet With Your Family & Friends Who Don’t Bet

Super Bowl Props to Bet With Your Family & Friends Who Don’t Bet article feature image

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images. Pictured: Chiefs RB Darrel Williams

The Super Bowl is the most socially acceptable time to gamble during the entire year and it just so happens that sportsbooks offer the widest range of props on this grand holiday.

You can bet on anything from the national anthem to which player is going to score a touchdown. It’s sometimes hard to decipher the fun bets from the “why the hell would I bet actual money on this” bets.

So I decided to help your Super Bowl party out.

Without further ado, the best Super Bowl prop bets to take with your friends and family who don’t normally bet or watch football.

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Super Bowl Props to Bet With Friends Who Don’t Bet

Over/Under on the National Anthem

One of the most controversial and fun bets you can make on the Super Bowl takes place before the ball is even kicked off.

Whether you bet $1, $10 or $1000 there will be no differentiation in the sweat trickling down anyone’s spine as Eric Church and Jazmine Sullivan belt out those beautiful lyrics. This is your first bet of the night and it can set the tone for what’s to come.

During my senior year of college one of my buddy’s heard through the grapevine that Gladys Knight’s rendition of the National Anthem was supposed to go over the total time listed. That’s all it took for my entire friend group to dump our money on the over. While I encourage you to bet responsibly, it must be added that some of my friends had more money on this novelty prop than the actual game.

25 of my closest friends huddled around a singular TV as we patiently waited for the National Anthem to start. It was dead silent in the apartment as the Empress of Soul strutted out to the 50-yard line. She uttered the words “O say can you see…” and all hell broke loose. I did not hear another word of the Star-Spangled Banner. Every single person in the apartment was on their feet screaming at the top of their lungs like they had a 60/1 longshot in the Kentucky Derby that was about to win.

It was the equivalent of twenty five 21-year college old kids doing something similar to this:

As we approached the last stanza, all hope was lost. It seemed like the anthem was going to go way under until Gladys did the unthinkable. She bursted out an angelic “brave” where she sang the final word three times that lasted well over 12 seconds. The room erupted like we had just won our Super Bowl, but no, we hit the over on the National Anthem.

To add onto the hysterics, the girls that lived under my buddy’s apartment texted him to make sure we were okay because they heard an immense amount of screaming. We were more than good.

This prop bet is guaranteed to get the blood flowing and will get every person at your party pumped for the rest of their bets.

Note: Sportsbooks grade the prop out after the first time the word “brave” is concluded, but money sportsbooks ended up paying the bet out to over-backers.

My pick for Super Bowl LV: Take the over no matter what. It’s too fun not to.

Coin Toss

This bet in some ways is the exact opposite of the National Anthem. Right to the point and lacks the controversial component of a sportsbook deciding how to grade the prop. It legitimately does not get more straightforward than flipping a coin and letting it land on a side, though you’re paying an extra few cents on something you can’t get an edge on.

In a normal game the average viewer may not even realize the coin flip already happened. Good thing this isn’t a normal game.

Odds via DraftKings:

  • Heads: -103
  • Tails: -103

My pick for Super Bowl LV: As the old adage goes, tails never fails.

First Touchdown Scorer

Betting on the first touchdown scorer of the game isn’t just another one of those Super Bowl props that comes around once a year. This is a bet that has become popularized over the past few years and gets a ton of attention from gamblers on a weekly basis.

This wager has become a staple when I watch games with my friends/family for various reasons:

  • The odds are outstanding. Even if you’re betting the favorite in this year’s Super Bowl, you’re still getting them at 6-1.
  • It’s fun! There’s nothing better than watching your team enter the red zone and the player that you bet on is ready to find paydirt.
  • The first touchdown of the game can be scored at any moment and by any player, so you’re on the edge of your seat until someone finally breaks the plane.

Show your party a list of the players and make some selections. The best player, the tallest player, the guy with the funniest name. No matter which players you choose, it’s guaranteed to be a fun bet.

My pick for Super Bowl LV: Mike Evans (+1100), Darrel Williams (+1600), Patrick Mahomes (+2200).

Gatorade Bath Color

This has become an all-time favorite prop for many because of how random it is. The bet isn’t directly tied to the results on the field so no matter which team wins the game, there is still a chance for you to cash one of your last wagers of the evening.

This is a simple bet that friends, family and even the kids can get in on. You don’t need to be an expert or have any football knowledge whatsoever. Just choose the color you think Andy Reid or Bruce Arians will be taking a bath in after the game and pray to the Gatorade gods you will be correct.

Odds via BetMGM:

  • Orange +140
  • Red/Pink +300
  • Yellow/Green/Lime +500
  • Clear/Grey/White +650
  • Blue +800
  • Purple/Violet/Indigo +800

My pick for Super Bowl LV: Lime/Green/Yellow +500

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