Sean Paul

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Sean Paul
317 Posts
5 years
Tucson, Arizona


Sean is a contributor for the Action Network college basketball and baseball verticals, focusing on bringing insightful, in-depth betting analysis. Sean started his writing career talking about college hoops, with a strong focus on mid-major hoops, which he still covers.


Paul wrote over 250 articles in his first year on Action’s staff. It’s always been a dream of his to work for Action after dropping betting thoughts on various newsletter platforms.

Paul spends multiple hours a days sifting through analytics and watching film on college basketball and baseball to help bring the most insight he can provide. 

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Yankees vs. Orioles: Both Pitchers Fade-Worthy

Sean Paul
Jul 14, 2024 UTC
Betting Highlights
Favorite Bet of All-Time
Hammering Yale ML against Auburn in the NCAA Tournament first round.
Most Heartbreaking Bet
Akron vs. Kent State college basketball. Akron looked shaky late in the year, and Kent State had enough pieces to beat them so I grabbed the +200 ML. The Golden Flashes fouled on purpose at the end of the game when a player forgot the score leading by one and Akron won.
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