Why You Should Bet Masters 2021 Top 5s, Top 20s at BetMGM

Why You Should Bet Masters 2021 Top 5s, Top 20s at BetMGM article feature image

Andrew Redington/Getty Images. Pictured: Webb Simpson

There are lots of ties in golf. We just don’t realize it because there’s always one winner. But it matters for the golfers’ themselves, and bettors.

Down the leaderboard, there are ties galore. Three players tied for 10th at the 2020 Masters. Four guys tied for fifth in 2019. Four tied for 20th in 2018. And these ties can affect your betting results in a big way.

That’s because most sportsbooks apply dead-heat rules to finishing position bets like Top 5s, Top 10s and Top 20s. That means they will chop your payouts depending on how many players tie for the final spot.

But not BetMGM. It’s the only major U.S. sportsbook we know of that pays out all ties in full. It’s available in Arizona, Colorado, New Jersey, Indiana, Tennessee, Virginia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Iowa and West Virginia.

Let’s look at an example from the 2019 Masters.

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Position Player Score
1 Tiger Woods -13
T-2 Dustin Johnson -12
T-2 Xander Schauffele -12
T-2 Brooks Koepka -12
T-5 Jason Day -11
T-5 Webb Simpson -11
T-5 Francesco Molinari -11
T-5 Tony Finau -11

Say you bet Webb Simpson to finish Top 5 at the 2019 Masters at 20-1 (he was 100-1 to win the tournament that year).

Simpson ended up tied for fifth at -11 with three other players. There were already four other players who finished ahead at -13 and -12.

Most books would you divide your bet by four and pay you out at 5-1, instead of 20-1. But not at MGM. They’d pay out Simpson wagers in full.

What If I’m Getting a Worse Price at MGM?

The prices may be slightly worse at MGM for certain players, but overall, the hold will be in range with many other sportsbooks.

Hold refers to how much, on average, the sportsbook will keep on that bet. The higher the hold, the more unfair the pricing for the bettor, and bets like this have lots of hold baked into them that hidden to the naked eye. An average NFL point spread market has a 4.55% hold; golf futures will have north of 25%.

You’ll usually find a better price on favorites at books besides MGM. Last year, Jon Rahm was -250 to finish in the Top 20 at BetMGM (and FanDuel, which does not pay ties in full) but -222 at Unibet.

However, Francesco Molinari was +300 at BetMGM, which was tied for the best line in the legal U.S. market (at least among books available in more than one state).

This year, Adam Scott is 10-1 to finish top 5 at BetMGM, tied for the best number in New Jersey. Webb Simpson is +550 to finish top 5, tied for the worst number.

Which Books Do What?

Ties getting paid in full is a tremendous advantage for bettors, assuming the prices are comparable to other books.

Again, most books won’t pay ties in full. Here’s how it breaks down in New Jersey.

Most books will cut your stake — if you bet $100 on Patrick Reed to finish Top 20 at +200 and he finishes in a two-way tie, you’ll lose $50 and the other $50 will be a winner at +200. Others will cut your stake, meaning that +200 would be bumped down to +100.

This may not sound like it matters, but it especially can with favorites, when you’d want your amount wagered returned in full.

Legal U.S. books with no dead heat for finishing position bets:

Odds are cut, not the stake:

Books where the stake is cut:

Bet365 will cut the odds, not the stake, for certain bets like first-round leaders.

FanDuel, on the other hand, will cut the stake for FRL bets.

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