Sharp Action Hitting NHL All-Star Game Over/Unders

Sharp Action Hitting NHL All-Star Game Over/Unders article feature image

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports. Pictured: SJ Sharkie

  • Believe it or not, tonight's NHL All-Star Game matchups (8:15 p.m. ET on NBC) have drawn some serious action from sharp bettors.
  • Sports Insights' Bet Signals reveal which way the smart money is going in both semi-final games.

In today’s edition of, “sharps will bet on literally anything that has value,” I present to you the NHL All-Star Game.

For those who are unfamiliar, the NHL All-Star Game is actually a set of three games — a tournament consisting of four teams (broken up by division) that play two semi-final matchups and a championship. All games are also played 3-on-3, like in NHL overtime.

Since only the semi-final matchups are known, just two sets of lines have come out thus far. The Pacific and Atlantic Divisions are both slight favorites over their opponents — the Central and Metropolitan, respectively.

It hasn’t been the matchups themselves that have drawn the attention of sharp bettors, however. Instead, wiseguys have been playing the totals in both games, and in both cases it seems they think these numbers are too high.

Both over/unders opened at 13, and while most fans will be rooting for — and betting on — goals to be scored, sharps are going to be looking for some defense to come through tonight.

The first game (Central vs. Pacific, 8:15 p.m. ET on NBC) has drawn five Sports Insights Bet Signals to the under — and none to the over.

A signal is triggered whenever there’s a market-wide line shift as a result of sharp action. Because of that, the total has fallen 1.5 goals from 13 down to 11.5, even with 59% of bettors taking the over.

In the Atlantic-Metropolitan matchup an hour later, a similar story is unfolding. The under has drawn six Bet Signals to the over’s one, bringing this line down from 13 to 12 despite 66% of bets on the over.

For those curious, only three of the nine NHL All-Star Game matchups in this format have seen more than 11 goals. The average number of goals per game is just 9.3.

Obviously, we’re still waiting for a championship line to be set, which should happen shortly after the second game goes final. If that total is also in the 12.5-13 range, I’d expect to see pros drive it down as well.